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ContiOcean Successfully Delivered EGCS for Hapag Lloyd 10K TEU Series Container Vessels


The sea trial for ContiOcean EGCS on Hapag Lloyd 10K TEU series “CV CORCOVADO” was successfully completed in Zhoushan, China on 19th Oct., 2022. All indicators fully met the specification requirement of International Maritime Organization (IMO) MEPC (68) - scheme B. With the successful trial, it marks the successful delivery of all series large container vessels EGCS customized by ContiOcean Group for Hapag Lloyd. It also means that the EGCS design and construction of all types of full-range and full-size civil vessels including large container vessels have been mature and delivered in large quantities.

On 8th Aug.  2020, ContiOcean Group signed the 7 Sets of EGCS contract with Hapag Lloyd, which was the biggest order in the global ship-desulfurization market in 2020 like a rare bright color. It has boosted the morale and lifted spirit of the desulfurization industry under the double impacts of the epidemic and the slump of oil price. 

In the past two years, we experienced big oil price fluctuation in the history of the world, and experienced a trade war between China and the United States, and experienced the global economy slowdown due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Nevertheless, these factors did not weaken Hapag Lloyd’s  confidence on ContiOcean. The relationship between Hapag Lloyd and ContiOcean Group has been further enhanced through close contact and sincere cooperation. 

Since the signing of the contract for the project, ContiOcean Group has  faced with many problems and devoted to overcome: Under the epidemic situation, it is difficult to board ships overseas for survey. The Owner and the Class Society can only send / return online drawings for approval. ContiOcean Group optimized the technology, solved the problems of compact cabin layout of container ships, insufficient space for the twin-tower system, and the problem of how to transfer the EGCS control system at high pressure. The problem of long-distance transportation of super 6-meter diameter scrubber tower and the problem of completing all commissioning tasks in the shortest docking period and the shortest commissioning period was solved as well. 

The successful delivery of series EGCS fully demonstrates the outstanding design capability and engineering service ability of ContiOcean Group, and has been highly recognized by the Owner, the Class Society and the Shipyard. It also further enhanced ContiOcean’s leading position in the EGCS market.

Since established, ContiOcean Group is focusing on the development and research of marine and offshore enviornmental protection solutions. Its core business mainly covers the fields of marine and offshore environmental protection solutions, marine clean energy solutions, and smart shipping. At present, based on the exhaust gas clean system reference of more than 140 vessels, ContiOcean Group has developed the products covering LNG/LEG-fuel gas supply system, methanol/LPG/ammonia-LFSS fuel supply system, LNG/LPG/LCO2/ammonium-cargo handling system. Furthermore, the de-carbon system developed based on the ContiOcean exhaust gas clean system is on stage of pilot trial.

Entering the post-epidemic era, with the recovery of the shipping and shipbuilding industry, ContiOcean Group is fully exploring and continuously leading the EGCS market and vigorously laying out the fuel supply system of LNG / Methanol / LPG power ships. Joint with the domestic top scientific research institutions, ContiOcean Group are developing carbon capture, carbon conversion products, and green methanol supply chains in the marine and marine fields to contribute ContiOcean's strength to marine environmental protection!