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ContiCryo LiqBOG

Reliquification for LNG fuel tank

The four cylinder single-stage stirling LiqBOG producedby Contiocean uses high-purity helium as working fluid and uses the motor to push the piston to work on the gas to obtain low temperature and produce cooling capacity. Compared with the traditional refrigerator, the stirling LiqBOG has the advantages of high efficiency, low cooling temperature, compact structure, fast start-up,convenient operation, wide temperature range, light weight and low vibration and noise, so it is suitable for the occasions with cooling capacity of kW.

Varying with gas pressure, the refrigeration capacity can be from 45-75kg/h. At present, it has been widely used in LNG, liquid nitrogen supply system, superconducting magnet cooling system, laser spectrum testing cooling system and biological tissue cryopreservation.

Boil-off gas can be taken from astorage tank, re-liquefied by the LiqBOG cooler, and back into the storage tank. As an alternative, liquid can be taken from the bottom of thestorage tank, sub cooled and sprayed back in the tank, reducing the overall pressure of the system, eliminating boil off gas.