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Fuel Gas Supply System

ContiGAS fuel gas supply system is designed to deliver gas to any onboard gas-driven engines from small generators and boilers to large main engines. ContiGAS offers tailor-made EPC solution to our clients based on proven practices. ContiGAS supply is a total solution for LNG ship and covers the LNG fuel tank and the FGSS control system.

Complete Package Solution

Hardware supply plus support technical for the design by customer.

Installation site supervision at FGSS outfitting and handling of interconnections.

Owner support with maintenance and performance monitoring.

Gas Control System (GCS)

Approved Technology

Bunkering and transfer of LNG

Standby mode and BOG management

LNG processing and gas supply to consumers

Shutdown for longer periods

ContiGAS fuel gas supply system special focus on:

Solutions for all engine makers and pressure types

Automated BOG (boil-off gas) management

Complete IGF code compliant function and supply scope

Skilled support during HAZID workshops and marine classapproval

Expert installation guidance

Efficient and experienced commissioning and automation

Full life cycle maintenance and performance monitoring