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Nitrogen Generator


一、Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Double Air Compressors

Full Redundant Filter & DryerSystems

Automatic and Integrated


•Membrane selected can deliver maximum efficiency to satisfy buyer requirement.
•Automatic on/off system with tank pressure interlock.
•Optimum control system in connection with the flow rate and the purity of the nitrogento maximize the life span of the membrane cartridges.

•Maintenance free as no moving parts during nitrogen producing process.


Membrane principle based on the nature of different velocity of  various air mixture components (78% Nitrogen,21% Oxygen and 1 % Argon) when permeating through membrane substance, each of which cartridge is composed of thousands of hollow fibers with bores similar sizes as the hair of human being.

Membrane separates Nitrogen from other gases is according to different pressure requirement oncross sides of each membrane fiber sectors.


二、PSA Nitrogen Generator

Double Air Compressors

Full Redundant Filter & Dryer Systems

Automatic and Integrated



Unique filling and compacting method of the CMS enables a larger compaction intensity and a higher adsorption efficiency.

Lowest cost of unit nitrogen generation.

User Friendly

Automatically record and continuously monitor the nitrogen preparation progress.

Fully automatic and unmanned during operation.

High Reliability

Valves selected can operate up to one million times to ensure a higher reliability for the customers.


PSA(pressure swing absorption) Nitrogen generator adopts CMS (carbon molecular sieve)as an adsorbent agent. The working principle based upon the dependence of the adsorption nature featured by various gas mixture components subject topressure and temperature values.

The system based on the regulation of gas adsorption and adsorbent regeneration by means of continuously alternating pressure limits between two absorber–adsorbent-containing vessels.