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Photovoltaic System

ContiSolar is a diversified product designed specifically for PCTC. Being a pure green energy source, photovoltaic (PV) system can effectively reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from combustion engines onboard.

Solar panels are the most visible part of a PV system and are a surprisingly simple and reliable way to generate electricity. Onboard a PCTC, the broad open deck area provides the most ideal location for fitting up solar panels.

Solar panels generate DC electricity which must be converted to alternating current (AC) electricity power grid onboard by using the solar inverters. In a common ‘string’ inverter system, the solar panels are linked together in series and groups, and the DC electricity is brought to the solar inverter which converts the DC power to AC power that can then be used by feeding into the switchboard systems.

Battery bank supplied will function as a buffer to protect the electricity from backflow surge to the switchboard by the PV system and will accordingly ensure the overall power system more reliable and stable.

ContiSolar can be connected to either option of AC220V or AC440V at customers’ choice:


1. Simple structure and low cost.

2. Easy operation of automaticgrid connection.

3. Relative independence with MSB.

4. Wider application in the marineindustry

  • AC440V

1. Connected to the grid with thegenerator, directly reducing the fuel consumption of the generator.

2. Relatively complex control

3. Controlled by PMS, highersecurity

Sample case

~1200m2 24 panelgroups) deck space

=     solarpower capacity 246kw rated

=     ~1230 kwh daily (take 5 peak hours out of 24)

=     ~310 kg of MGO daily saving (440m3 natural gas equivalent)

=     ~140k USD annual saving

=     5-6years pay-back time