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Cryogenic Piping System

High vacuum multi-layerinsulation normally comprised of internal compensation vacuum tube , externalcompensation vacuum tube and vacuum hose according to the different structure. Integral support is adopted. High reliable metal corrugated compensatorto solve the section of the cold shrinkage stress. The special vacuum treatmentprocess and special vacuum maintenance process are adopted to completely solvethe vacuum life problem of the product and have comprehensively applicationrange.

● Vacuumdouble wall tube

Lowpressure double wall pipe

Highpressure double wall pipe

Cryogenicsingle wall tube

Vacuuminsulated cryogenic pump sump

Vacuuminsulated cryogenic valve box

Vacuuminsulated cryogenic valve

Main feature

High vacuum multilayer insulation whichhas high insulation performance, super insulation and ten times higher than thenormal foam insulation;

Stainless steel materials with small sizeand high reliability ;

Special processing , long service life ;

Whole pipeline stress analysis to ensuredesign safety .


Suitablefor cryogenic medium under different conditions and different standards


Design pressure:≤35Mpa

Design temperature:-196℃ ~ 105 ℃

Medium: liquid nitrogen , liquid oxygen, LNG, liquid hydrogen , liquid

helium , liquid argon and other cryogenicliquids