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Intelligent Equipment & System Integrator

Alfaback cooperation with ABB began in February 2019. After one year of good cooperation in the field of Marine electrical automation, Alfaback became the system interator authorized by ABB in the maritime field.

Key products :

  • Electrical control system integration solution
  • Remote monitoring and terminal management
  • Design and manufacture for marine VFD cabinet and medium/low voltage cabinet

EGCS Artificial Intelligence System

Digital platform is a remote monitoring software based on EGCS jointly developed by ABB and ContiOcean.


EGCS HMI collects system operation parameters in PLC & VFD and transfers to HMI. Cloud server Auto accepts data from HMI and auto parsed data. Web display Real-time and historical data display system alarm monitoring.

Main Features

ABB provides safety assurance for EGCS and cloud systems.

Querying data easy and convenient.

Understand ship compliance and EGCS use efficiency.

Artificial intelligence technology combined with advanced diagnostics.

Automatic, safe and reliable.