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Cargo Hold Cleaning Gun

Cargo Hold Cleaning Gun

ContiCannon is a high pressure water jettingtool for cargo hold cleaning that ContiOcean designed specifically for bulkcarriers.

CG30 series

Cargo Hold Cleaning Gun CG30 series are effective andvery powerful cleaning tool for cargo hold cleaning of dry bulk carriers, and avarity of cleaningtasks.

It combines water and compressed air to create apowerful jet of water for excellent cleaning results. It can provide a “jet” ofwater to over 30m, and can easily remove cargo residues, rust, scale and loosepaint.


  • All-around horizontal rotation and wide rangevertical adjustment.
  • Light and portable , easy to dismantle, assemblyand storage.
  • 70m + pressure head, ~20 m³/h, 440V power supply.
  • Star-delta starting , built-in low level alarm,motor overload protection,and various indications.
  • Introducing compressed air to “jet” an extra 30 meterof water stream, resulted high pressure can easily remove cargo residues, scaleand loose paint.
  • Water to receive via Storz couplings of any firehydrant, electrical power to connect from onboard sockets。Hose and cable will be such tailor selected to satisfy the customerneeds.